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i think american psycho is pretentious on second watch

if you've never seen american psycho, just watch this 2-minute tiktok. i coincidentally saw this video the other day, and the man in the video acts almost exactly like the main character in the movie, Patrick Bateman, to a tee, minus being an insane serial killer. but honestly who knows - that dude might also want to murder the girl he's on the date with. frankly, it's scary that this video was suggested to me in the first place because it's just more validation that tiktok is 100% listening to me watch a movie.

anyway, my point here is that if you thought that video was cringe-y and you would love to see a feature film about a poorly-adjusted serial killer, HAVE I GOT THE MOVIE FOR YOU!!!!

i re-watched american psycho the other night. when i originally watched a few years ago, i really didn't think much of it - it ends very openly, but the ending is written in a way that makes you question the events of the entire movie. did it really happen, etc? i didn't really care to do research at the time and just chalked it up to "all being a dream." but otherwise, a fun little movie about some wackjob, coked-up business man working in the 1980s (the movie is from 2000, FYI)

this time i looked up some articles after i finished it. i wanted to figure out what was going on in the movie. basically the writer of the book meant to compare the events of the film to corporate greed as discussed in this article, while the director admitted in an interview that she regrets leaving the ending so ambiguous and not really getting that point across, which is talked about in this article. so essentially everything in the movie did in fact happen, but the point is that none of the other characters give a shit about what Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) did because it's either inconveniencing them or it doesn't play a role in their success.

essentially imagine a world where i kidnap your boss, but you don't care because it means you're next in line to get promoted, so you do nothing about it and don't call the police - that's what the movie is about. and if the movie was more straightforward, it'd be better for it. but trying to hide the meaning because you want your viewer to think - that's just dumb and pretentious, and is the entire reason people spend so much time speculating online about the ending and whether everything really happened.

basically it's "we live in a society," the movie. if you like the newest Joker movie, you'll probably like this.

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