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april roundup (new videos sub-forum)!!!

hello! spring is almost in full-effect, and this month, basement community brings a bunch of new threads for you to post in along with a new videos sub-forum!

you can find the new sub-forum here. feel free to create a thread or participate in the first discussion titled "video essays thread", where you'll find me talking about my favorite video essays:

video essays thread

next up, user c1 did something really cool and created a image host, which is especially relevant now that Imgur decided to stop hosting images that aren't tied to a user account, which means thousands and thousands of images are going away (twitter link).

try out c1's image host here and give them some feedback:

c1 image host thread

user sebastian is looking for recommendations on nice starter projects to work on to get his feet wet with front-end development. if you've got an idea, post it here:

web suggestion thread

finally, we released version 0.19.2 of the site, and with it comes a lot of juicy updates that were long overdue, such as the new FAQ and privacy page. check out all the new changes to the site here:

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